Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hope to Adopt

I’m going to use the tens of people who read this to spread the word here…

The title might throw you a bit, I am not looking to adopt, however some friends of ours are. 

We have some friends that are trying to adopt, they have been married several years, are just FANTASTIC people, fun and sweet. Watching them go thru this process is hard b/c I know its so frustrating. Basically someone has to SEE their profile and pick them. So...the more visibility the better!
Short of accosting preggo women on the street (who I have been informed is illegal in the U.S) I have instead come up with a support blinkie.

I encourage you NOT to go up to pregnant women and say something like “are you sure you want to keep the baby”

“Marianne and Doug want your baby!”

“I know some people who can make the crying, middle of the night feedings, and endless diaper changes all go away”

because these might be taken the wrong way. 

Instead you can help make their page and profile info more visible by supporting a Hope to Adopt blinkie on your blog!  See—that was painless, and doesn’t involve potential jail time/restraining orders/or unfriending on Facebook.

I will be sporting this in my sidebar on both of my blogs and if you'd like to that would be GREAT!!

here's the code--make sure to delete the stuff in parenthesis:
<a(delete) href=""><img (delete)src="" /></a>

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My dh sent this link to me about choosing the best photobook printer.  A very in-depth review of several photobook companies.  If you’re into digi scrapping, or would like to have a book made and want it to be quality, I suggest you give that article a read.  Personally all the photobooks I’ve had done have been freebies, so I’m not going to be complaining—but as I’m scrapping more and more I’ve been thinking about it.


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